Saturday, May 05, 2007

busy bee in PLG

The fact that spring has sprung is old news these days, but I still want to share some of the tell-tale signs around the neighborhood. The drum circle is in full force right across the street all day Sundays, and the woman who sells hot sauce and nuts is back in business out in front of the building. The other day I saw a guy on the train returning from Coney Island toting a fishing pole and a bucket with a sizable fish poking out of it. And let's not forget, the UniverSoul Circus is in town and blaring across the park like prayers from a minaret.

Here are shots of some local happenings I've witnessed of late, including the Hanami festival last weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a darling little Earth Day parade I caught at the Prospect Park Boathouse a few weekends back and a a Sweet Sixteen procession I watched leave my building the other day. They've been practicing in the lobby for weeks.


The place was packed.

Wow! Manga!

Look, ma, no beard!

Going to Prospect Park on the weekend is really all about babies and dogs! At this little Earth Day parade it was about mice, alligators, horses and birds too.

I thought the trumpet serenade was for me, until I looked out the window and realized that the Sweet Sixteen rehearsal that's been occupying the lobby of our building had finally become a reality.

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

You have vendors that sell hot sauce and nuts! What a fabulous place you live in:-) I am really loving the costumes. And that wedding pic - so lovely.