Monday, February 20, 2006

the neighborhood

Months have gone by, and I've let this blog idle. We moved to Brooklyn at the end of August. We live in an area that doesn't really seem to have a name, perhaps only because the realtors haven't christened it yet. It's a sort of no man's land right on the southeast tip of Prospect Park.
We love it because our view is of the park: leafy trees until around Halloween, then a somewhat clear view of the pond once the trees are bare. In fact, right now I can see a reddish sunset reflecting on the water. When the big snowstorm hit last week, we had lots of fun playing in the snow over there.
But now the snow is gone again, so the park looks more like this:
Art shots compliments of my Christmas present from my fabulous husband: a camera. Though I think Mr. Fabulous might have stolen it, yet again, to take shots of colorful storefronts around Chinatown.

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